The South Jersey Pom Poms

Coza TV Presents | 22 September 2010

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A few months ago, the Coza TV team were treated to the smooth sounds of one of Durban's most interesting bands: The South Jersey Pom Poms. The Poms have been around since 2006, performing in numerous languages in a style which reminds one of "blues from a forgotten decade" as their MySpace page so aptly puts it. A concert like no other was held at the centre for French culture and learning in Durban, the Alliance Française, with the Poms playing many of their hits, including Le Dernier Mot (watch the full music video here). We spoke to Eva Jackson and Jochen Zeller, the two singers of the band, after the show, and discovered, amongst other things, the origin of the band's very peculiar name.

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