DIFF 2010: Wavescapes surf film festival

Durban International Film Festival Highlights Series | 26 July 2010

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South Africa's youth entertainment channel brings you the greatest cinematic experience the country has to offer, The Durban International Film Festival. In episode 3 we're showcasing two of the films shown at this year's Wavescapes Surf Film festival: Modern Collective and Gum For My Boat. See Wavescape.co.za to find out more.


Don't miss episode four of our film festival series, which features films shot for the Durban Short Film Challenge.


In this video: Chris Mason, Peter Rorvik, Steve Pike, Kahana Kalama

UPDATE: We apologise for the incorrect attribution of the creation of the festival (at 00:41) to Chris Mason, the idea originated with DIFF director, Peter Rorvik.


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