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The 31st Durban Internationl Film Festival

Online Highlights Series

The Durban International Film Festival is only THE greatest cinematic experience South Africa has to offer. So you simply just can't afford to miss our highlights series on the festival, presented by our world-class host, Ted Cipolla. We've got interviews with stacks of celebs, including Presley Chweneyagae from the Academy Award winning film, Tsotsi, and dozens of film excerpts... all packed into 5 explosive episodes.

If you are interested in finding out more about the films shown at this year's festival, check out Coza TV critic, The Hakar-G's film reviews.

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DIFF EP01Durban International Film Festival: Let the Festival Begin! 22/07/10 | 06:43 DIFF EP02Durban International Film Festival: The Attack of the Indian Werewolf 25/07/10 | 03:29 DIFF EP03Durban International Film Festival: Wavescapes Surf Film Festival 26/07/10 | 03:05 DIFF EP04Durban International Film Festival: The Durban Short Film Challenge 29/07/10 | 0326 DIFF EP05Durban International Film Festival: Closing Night Awards Ceremony 31/07/10 | 07:23

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