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Durban International Film Festival Highlights Series | 22 July 2010 - 01 August 2010

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Coza TV is featuring a selection of highlight moments, looking back on this year's Durban International Film Festival. We will be presenting some interviews with SA's biggest film stars and filmmakers, as well as taking a look at some of the films that were shown at the Wavescapes Surf Festival (which forms part of DIFF). For some great reviews on a few of the films shown at this year's DIFF, click here>>


DIFF EP01Durban International Film Festival: Let the Festival Begin! 22/07/10 | 06:43 DIFF EP02Durban International Film Festival: The Attack of the Indian Werewolf 25/07/10 | 03:29 DIFF EP03Durban International Film Festival: Wavescapes Surf Film Festival 26/07/10 | 03:05 DIFF EP04Durban International Film Festival: The Durban Short Film Challenge 29/07/10 | 0326 DIFF EP05Durban International Film Festival: Closing Night Awards Ceremony 31/07/10 | 07:23

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