Stephen Horn

Show producer | b. 23 March 1991

Stephen Horn has a love for all things musical, cultural, arty and media based. Having grown up in many cities around South Africa and for several years in Paris, France, he was exposed to a wide varitey of people, landscapes and cultures. This exposure revealed a niche in South African online media for a video channel which would become a fusion of the internet/social media world and the art/music/entertainment world. Stephen established Coza TV in early January 2010, and with the support of Siyabonga Media was able to successfully grow a production team and turn a mere idea into reality.

Hayley Campbell

3D animation | b. 22 April 1992

Since day one, Hayley Campbell has played a crucial role in enabling the show to maintain a high standard of graphical post-production, from producing full blown 3D animated sequences such as the introduction to our Splashy Fen 2010 series or our Music at the Lake video featuring Watershed, to offering advice on the design changes made to throughout its development. She has also assisted on a number of productions as sound engineer and photographer.

Theo Dlikilili

Camera operator & assistant editor | b. 13 July 1991

With a keen interest in the film and media world, Theo joined the Coza TV team in its early days. He has contributed enormously to the success of many video shoots, where his role has varied from camera operator to lighting technician, and has also assisted in the very daunting task of logging video material in preparation for editing as well as hands-on editing of a number of Coza TV videos, such as that of the KZNSA contemporary art gallery and the Splashy Fen 2010 series.

Charles Dupisre

Camera operator & editor | b. 18 november 1992

Charles, the youngest member of the Coza TV team had a short but fruitful internship with the channel during July and August 2010 as both a camera operator and editor. Although not fully fluent in English (his home language being French), through translation of the video interviews, he was able to edit Fire Through The Window's feature entirely alone, and was responsible for much of the musical feel in the Music at the Lake video featuring Watershed. Charles also established a French language version of Coza TV, making a few of the videos more accessible to the French-speaking internet audience.

Tracey Carroll

Assistant production director | b. 02 January 1988

A third-year Durban University of Technology student in Video Production, Tracey Carroll provides invaluable assistance on Coza TV shoots as a partner in coordinating productions. She participated in the production of the Durban International Film Festival series and Watershed's Old Mutual Music at the Lake concert.

Pasgenik Makhathini

Camera operator & presenter | b. 16 January 1989

Pasgenik, well known for his vocal percussion abilities (nominated for for the MTN Hip Hop Hype Awards as Best Beat Boxer), became involved in Coza TV through his involvment as beat boxer and rapper for Holly Wasserfall's debut album, Strawberry Skies. Coza TV produced an EPK on the album, which was co-presented by Pasgenik. Pasgenik has also been a camera operator on several Coza TV shoots.

Sam Lindsay

Stills photographer | b. 20 March

Currently studying for her BA in Creative Brand Communications at VEGA The Brand Communications School, Sam has a passion for photography and graphic design, and has put it to good use as a stills photographer on Coza TV shoots. Sam's involvement in Coza TV includes her photography for the Zebra & Giraffe and Fire Through The Window features, and, more recently, at the Durban International Music Festival. You can find the photos under the "photos" tab, just underneath the video window.




Ted Cipolla

Main show host & photographer| b. 03 December 1991

Ted is the voice and face of Coza TV, and is known for his sense of humour and ability to conduct excellent interviews with just about anyone, regardless of age or status. After his interview with South African musical sensation, Goldfish, Dom Peters commented on how it was a "really cool interview". Since then, Ted has been a part of the Coza TV journey every step of the way, from an interview behind the main Splashy Fen marquee with Prime Circle, to chatting with the legendary Ladysmith Black Mambazo at the ICC Arena. Ted also takes stills for the show when he's not busy meeting the stars. It's only a matter of time before people start asking for his autograph!

Dikeledi Maponya

Show presenter | b. 19 August

Dikeledi is a Fine Arts student at Durban university of Technology and first met the Coza TV team during a video shoot at the KZNSA contemporary art gallery. She expressed interest in becoming involved in the project and soon found herself in front of the camera, as a show presenter. Dikeledi, also known as DK, conducted a warm interview with the stars of the Proudly South African Barnyard Theatre production, Diamonds & Dust, as well as our Mother's Day special with Barry Thompson and the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra.

S'the Xaba

Show presenter | b. 14 June 1991

S'the Xaba is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Her enthusiasm and confidence give her a camera presence that is rare to find. S'the co-hosted our Old Mutual Music at the Lake: Zebra & Giraffe webisode, as well as interviewed Durban indie band, Fire Through The Window.

Dayakar Padayachee (The Hakar-G)

Film critic | b. 06 December 1990

Dayakar Padaychee, better known to the internet community as 'The Hakar-G', started his involvment in the Coza TV project when it was still in its infancy. Originally, the idea had been to create a series of video film reviews (see his review on Brothers), but when his training at the Centre for Fine Art and Design commenced he found juggling the various commitments too difficult. With the arrival of the Durban International Film Festival, however, his involvement recommenced as a film critic for the various films shown during the festival. You can read all his reviews here>>


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